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General Liability Insurance

You simply can’t do business without a General Liability policy in place. Without this vital coverage, your small or medium-sized business would be liable for any damage or injuries stemming from a product or service your company provided.

This means you could be liable for injuries, construction defects, faulty packaging, broken seals, spoiled goods, misleading advertising, accidents. When you consider any one of these contingencies could result in a multi-million dollar lawsuit, you can begin to see how vital it is that you purchase General Liability Insurance. 

At Commercial Direct, we work to ensure your coverage matches your needs. There’s no sense in paying for coverage your business either can’t use or afford. We can customize your General Liability policy to include riders and endorsements that can cover supplemental coverage that may be required or needed.

General Liability Insurance provides protection against legal liability if you cause bodily injury or damage to another party through your own negligence. Coverage for business owners, but today it has become synonymous with personal liability insurance, and it now means broad, general liability coverage for individuals and others.

Commercial Auto Insurance

For small businesses, commercial auto accidents and claims can be critical. If you’ve worked to ensure all the other facets of your business are secure and neglect your commercial auto fleet – even if that fleet is one car – you could be in for quite a shock if a company car or truck is involved in an accident. Know this, it won’t be the driver who has to pay for damages – it’s you.

At Commercial Direct, we can tailor a Commercial Auto insurance policy to meet the needs of your business. This means we can include or exclude any of the following coverage’s:
 Auto Liability
    Collision Coverage
    Comprehensive Coverage
    Medical Expenses
    Uninsured Motorists
    Employees Driving Their Own Cars on Company Time

Workers Compensation

For small commercial ventures, the need for Workers Compensation Insurance is as crucial as it is for larger businesses and corporations. The key is balancing the costs of premium coverage with your bottom line. At Commercial Direct, we specialize in providing small and large businesses with Workers Compensation Insurance they can afford. We will work with you to tailor a plan that addresses the needs of your employees, state regulations, and your budget. 

Find out how much you can save with our small business Workers Compensation program by speaking with any of our knowledgeable agents – or filling out an online quote request – today.